We move things while filming them


Hi! We are propp, a Milan based studio, founded by Pierluigi Anselmi. We design and produce videos from scratch to the final media. We are able solve any budget issues representing complex narrative structures with creative solutions and a problem solving attitude. We love what we do and you are gonna love it too. That’s because we have fun while doing it.

A mighty bunch of creatives and friends help us to realize our ideas. Joyce Bonafini is an illustrator working with us designing set, translating any impossible task into amazing images. Duccio Servi and Alessandro Contini design sounds, voices and noises for all our projects. Alessandro C. Busseni, deal with logic to solve really small but important problems related to copys and images. And Margherita Mazza, textile designer, collaborating with us as color consultant and smart solutions counselor.

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