Hey, ciao! We are anánimation. We design and produce videos. And we usually have a lot of fun while doing it!

Landscape Urbanism Installation | XX1 Triennale

Video, animation and technical’s development of a curved 30 meters long video video wall showed at XXI Triennale in Expo Area (Milan 2016).

directed by: Pierluigi Anselmi / anánimation
written by: Pierluigi Nicoli, Gaia Piccarolo
original music: Carlo Boccadoro

BARILLA | Future Brand

Barilla brand strategy by Future Brand.

directed by: Pierluigi Anselmi / anánimation
client: Future Brand / Barilla
written by: Pierluigi Anselmi, Joyce Bonafini, Lucia Cavalieri, Silvia Barbieri, Chiara Pomati
starring: Lucia Cavalieri, Margherita Mazza
illustration and set designer: Joyce Bonafini
sound design: Duccio Servi
edited and produced by: anánimation